Dry Cleaning

Walden Cleaners and Laundry takes great pride in all your Dry Cleaning needs.  Here is just a small list of how Walden Cleaners has perfected the Dry Cleaning process since 1933.

Dry Cleaning is a submersion process that uses a dry solvent liquid that contains no water or moisture what so ever.  We use a stoddard solvent that weighs less than water so in turn is more delicate on fabrics and colors.  You can think of it like being a high grade kerosene.  After cleaning items are placed in a reclaim dryer that recycles our solvent not admitting the chemicals to the atmosphere.

Suits done the right way

Hand inspect every item

All items bagged during cleaning for delicacy

Steamed to perfection

Household items cleaned and wrapped

The official dry cleaner for the Pride of Oklahoma