Weekly Tips by Tonny Walden

Tonny's Tip - Stains

Spill something? Act now! Apply a stain remover and rinse or soak the garment. The longer a stain sits the less likely it will come out!

Tonny's Tip - Energy Savings

Keep your lint trap clean. A full lint trap will make your dryer work harder and use more energy.

Tonny's Tip - Button Care

When you buy a new garment, dab the center of each button with clear nail polish to seal the threads.

Tonny's Tip - Tag Advice

Obey the tag!If it doesn’t say machine washable, believe it. If you do not like to hand wash, take it to cleaner.

Tonny's Tip - Prevent Fading Clothes

To help prevent your clothes from fading turn them inside out when washing. If you hang your clothes outside to dry turn them inside out also. Though hanging clothes outside is a great method of drying the sun willl zap the color right out!

Tonny's Tip - Dryer Vents

Check your dryer exhaust vent every once in a while to make sure it is closed tightly. If it's letting in outside air, the dryer is being forced to work too hard. Plus, you may be allowing your household heat to escape.

Tonny's Tip - Bleach

Too much bleach in your wash will turn some white fabrics to yellow and will also cause fabric threads to break down.

Tonny's Tip - Laundry Piles

Feeling overwhelmed, don’t let your laundry pile up on you. Try to do one load every day and you should never be overwhelmed.

Tonny's Tip - Rotate Your Clothes

Just like you, clothes need to rest. So make sure you rotate all the items in your wardrobe on a daily basis.

Tonny's Tip - Soaking

If clothing does require cold water, try soaking the clothing before washing to insure that clothing will actually be cleaned thoroughly.

Tonny's Tip - Wrinkles

When laundering items that tend to get wrinkled, put them on hangers as soon as possible to reduce wrinkling and save time when ironing.

Tonny's Tip - Sorting to Save Time

Sorting your laundry by whites, brights, darks or dry cleaning as soon as you undress will help you save time when doing laundry.